About Hollywood North Beach Association

The primary purpose of the Hollywood North Beach Association is to improve, protect and promote civic, cultural and recreational activities within the boundaries of the Association; other actions such as civic improvements, the betterment of our neighborhood, and activities that result in improving and protecting our neighborhood.

Association By-Laws

Presidents Message

Welcome to paradise. It all started for me in 1981 when I bought a condominium in North Beach Condo after living in Plantation for six years. That first night, I slept on my balcony listening to the waves only to wake up to a magnificent sunrise, it was as if my vacation began on that morning. Twenty five plus years later the sensation on being on vacation; has not ended. One can sense the special feeling that you get once you come over the Intracostal Bridge and see the beautiful nature park within this seaside community and realize we are blessed to live in North Beach. 

This is what drives me to help keep and protect this very special place. As President of North Beach Condo association for twenty years and also working as a director in the early days of Hollywood North Beach Association (HNBA) I/we made a commitment to the community to establish real values and goals. This association has matured over the years consistently sending its message of encouraging economic growth while trying to preserve our seaside community; this has been a challenge at times. In 1997 HNBA created a Community Code Charrette that was the vehicle to be used to attain that vision. 

Today more than ever we must work together with all the parties involved to overcome the challenges to meet those goals. As the acting president of HNBA, I am proud to be member of this committed group of North Beach residents. 


John Passalacqua, President HNBA